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The Power of Intuition

9 Points of Peace, Calm, and Health

The Power of Intuition is an online class delving into the authentic and life-changing power of inner wisdom. Intuition is about safety, health, and thriving in your life. It's a skill not a gift. And it's a skill that needs permission and practice to get stronger every day. Reclaim and grow your intuition to improve every part of your life.

You Will Learn To

  • Identify your strongest intuitive senses and abilities.

  • Iearn techniques to enhance your personal life, your career, and your relationships with your own power of intuition.

  • Expand your inner intelligence by understanding the energy that flows around you and within you.

Full Of Wisdom

L. H., Portsmouth, NH

"Being in Hilary’s presence, whether in person or on Zoom, is always a gift.  She has a way of pulling in everyone with warmth and compassion. Her 3-part Intuition workshop was packed full of wisdom and suggestions that I put immediately into practice. I started journaling again in the morning, and found it opened my intuition, my inner voice, in new ways."

Relaxed, Interactive & Insightful

M. R., Portsmouth, NH

"I enjoyed Hilary’s class, You Are Intuitive, from the comfort of my back yard. It was relaxed, interactive and insightful, leaving me more confident and challenged in my quest for inner peace. Thank you Hilary."

Rare Authenticity

K.K. Reiki Practitioner

"Thanks for class today. I love your authenticity, it's rare in the world."


Incredibly Beneficial


"Hilary is a beautiful woman, on the inside and the outside. It makes sense then that her intuition las was a beautiful experience. I learned simple yet incredibly beneficial ways to further tap into my inner knowing, leading me to a greater feeling of stability and confidence. Hilary's exuberant energy, coupled with her wealth of knowledge in so many energetic and real life areas, made it all possible.


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