Ready to reemerge with grace, wonder, health, and joy? Want to connect authentically to your intelligent healing body? Hilary Crowley, author of The Power of Energy Medicine: Your Natural Prescription for Resilient Health, is bringing her dynamic, joyful, and inspirational workshop to Sag Harbor, New York.  

What: The Natural Health Intuition Workshop

Where: Knead & Seed, 146 Merchant Path, Sag Harbor, New York. 

When: Friday 6:30pm-9pm & Saturday 10am- 4pm 

Cost: 495.00 

What to expect: 

Join our Natural Health Intuition Workshop to connect up powerfully & gracefully with energy healing and learn how our powerful intelligent bodies heal ourselves and others. 

  • Day 1: We begin with an Intuitive Circle! With energy readings, insights from our body’s wisdom, amazement, and empowerment, you'll learn to trust your own intuitive abilities and experience the healing experience of this renewed awareness. 
  • Day 2: Hilary Crowley will highlight the 9 Points of Power to grow and express your intuition as we delve into the practical and life-changing way intuition works to heal, protect, and guide each of us. 

Some of the points to grow your intuition include topics on protection, honesty, creativity, and confidence...we will delve into awe-inspiring readings from each of your healing bodies. 

This workshop will open the mind of your heart to experience strength, integrity, and the true clarity you need and deserve to build your lifelong connection to your powerful intuition.

About Hilary Crowley:

Hilary Crowley is the medical intuitive and energy healing practitioner at Whole Life Health Care, an integrative family medicine center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire serving the community for 21 years. 

Hilary wrote The Power of Energy Medicine: Your Natural Prescription for Resilient Health (Skyhorse/ Simon & Schuster, 2021) to elevate the conversation about her daily job working to connect healthcare clients with their own body healing & wisdom in an integrative medical setting. 

Join us if...

Are you seeking to rejuvenate your energy and life force connection to your whole life? Does your body crave health and healing? 

Are you a practitioner, caregiver, or healthcare provider working to help others while staying healthy yourself?

Are you fascinated by how the healing wisdom of the human body works?

Are you looking for a joyful place to dive deep and open up to your own powerful energy? 

About Hilary Crowley:

Hilary brings 20 years of practice in energy healing and medical intuition within a peaceful, joyful, and inspirational setting. 

Honoring the power within all of us, Hilary is a certified instructor in creating a trauma-informed classroom as an experienced complementary medicine practitioner at the Whole Life Health Care integrative medicine concept. 

With clients from around the world, Hilary works with energy healing for hands-on healing and medical intuition. 

With a love of teaching, sharing, and empowerment to all who seek to understand how intuition heals us, Hilary created this workshop for you to feel welcome and confident in your own powerful abilities to heal your body and grow your intuition.


The time is now to set the course of your life forward, post-pandemic with renewed vitality, wisdom, and enthusiasm for health. 

Join us for your love of learning, and find yourself enjoying the laughter, joy, and awe of this powerful workshop.